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Many late nights sifting through tens of thousands of unnecessary channels can land you to a lot of annoying infomercials where they over-exaggerate how hard life was before their merchandise came to fruition such as the rapid ramen bowl, but occasionally there’s that special one which makes you think “Hmmm, that issssss an wonderful idea!”

That product that is distinctive is the Flex Seal. The flex seal is a liquid rubber that comes in an aerosol spray can or gallon container that expels the liquid rubber to repair holes, cracks to seal water out or maintain the air by simply spraying, pouring, brushing or rolling the liquid rubber on with the roller coaster. It cause leaking throughout the summer months or does not sag, and it is non-toxic. The rubber will remain flexible and pliable . We have written out a review of the pros as well as this Flex Seal and cons.

Flex Seal Liquid Giant (Gallon Size)

Flex seal concrete, for basementsrubber in a can will prevent leaks. It’ll protect your surfaces and it can be used by you on surfaces that are moist or dry. It won’t crack or peel from the winter months. It’s extremely versatile as it begins which you’re ready put on surfaces, dip, brush, or to roll and then it becomes a flexible rubber. Here are a few pros and cons.

Pros Cons

Simple to use: Brush Pour or roll on with roller

Easy to use

Sweeps into holes & cracks seals out water

Made to last for years and pliable

Cause dripping in summer heat or won’t sag, and Won’t peel or crack in winter season

Stops leaks

The smell is strong Make Certain to use in rooms that are ventilated

Top Flex Seal Answers & Questions

Q – Can the bend seal mend asphalt cracks?

A – Yes!

Q – What rest works best when using a roller to apply the rubber?

A – It will depend that you are looking to achieve Inch will deliver a coat of Flex Seal Liquid.

Q – Could this product be used to seal at a canvas awning?

A – Yes!


A – I’d say it is just like a paint that is thicker.


A – White.

Flex Seal Spray

Flex seal reviewHere is your Flex Seal liquid rubber sealant coating in an aerosol spray can. The spray allows for sealant applications that are effortless without the necessity of rollers and brushes. Durable to seal cracks and leaks and without sun. Here are a few pros and cons.

Pros Cons

14 oz. Clear

Liquid Rubber Can!

You can spray on dry or wet surfaces

Seals out water, moisture, and air

Prevents corrosion and rust

Covers Great and fast adhesion

Mildew, UV and chemical resistant

Non-hazardous and Food Safe

Sound stops and vibrations

Expands and contracts

Product can be messy

For small tasks that the gallon may work for cracks Spray Is Sufficient

Flex Seal Spray Answers & Questions

Q – Can it hold cloth material like a car cover that is ripped?

A – Test it out on an inconspicuous part to find out if it does make sure the fabric does not move while the rubber is drying and whether it holds.

Q – Could this be used to coat PVC?


Q – Can we use it?

A – NO. It’s not recommended.

What colours are available?

A – Clear.

Q – Can I use this to seal copper water pipes.

A – Yes.

Q – Can I use it?

A it’s not advised.

Flex Shot

Flex shot reviewHere is your Flex Seal Rubber liquid at a shot that is handy. Portability at its best when you will need to caulk around your tub floorboards etc.. Works for jobs the Flex Seal Aerosol Spray along with the Flex Seal Gallon can like its bigger brothers. Here are a few pros and cons.

Pros Cons

Works terrific in home applications:

Kitchens and baths

Sinks and showers

Tubs and tiles

Windows and skylights

Roofs and the gutters


Smell – use in spaces that are ventilate

Flex Seal Shot Answers & Questions

Q – Can it come with an extension tube?

A – No, only the nozzle.

Q – Can it work on a radiator leak in my car?

A – because this product is great up to 350, Do not use on surfaces with temperatures

Q – Could I use it to fix a crack on a sheeting that is plastic?

A – Yes. Drain let it completely dry before adding water and clean the surface and out the water apply the rubber.

Q – Can I paint over the Flex Seal?

A – No. Flex seal can not be painted over.

What colours are provided in the Flex Seal Shot?

A – clear and White. Flex Seal’s products come in clear, white, and black.

Popular Ways to Use Flex Seal

Fixing cracks and leaks to basements and foundations

Fixing fish ponds and pool liners

Great on chimneys and flashings

RVs and campers

Water and Rain barrels

Gutters and roofs


Sporting equipment

Fountains and bird baths

Auto restoration & much more!

Flex Seal Buyer’s Guide

That you don’t need to scour the web many questions have answered in our buyer’s guide section.

The Way to Remove

Auto Finesse Oblitarate





Where to Purchase Flex Seal

Many places that sell As-seen-on-Tv products should carry this liquid liquid. While their stock last the places above are verified places available.

Can Flex Seal Work on Concrete

Yes, it will. Wash any debris’ area and then apply a thin coating and let it dry then add another two – three coats. Works great on concrete and adheres to everything.

How Long Does it Take into Dry for Flex Seal

Dry time will depend on humidity, the temperature, and the depth of the coat. Flex Seal Rubber Spray will dry to the touch within two to 3-hours and in 24-hours for a cure. Flex Seal will get more powerful over time.

What Is Going to Flex Seal Adhere To

Flex Seal will adhere to almost any surface like ceramic, wood, metal, tile, concrete, masonry, cloth, glass, aluminum, plastic, drywall, vinyl, rubber, cement and just about any other moist (it works best on clean and dry surfaces even though it may be used on wet surface) or dry surface.

How Stress Will It Withstand

It can manage water pressure and rainwater but anything extreme it won’t work against like bike tires, the air pressure is high.

How to Use Flex Seal

Flex Seal be certain that you shake the can then spray the rubber into holes or fill from your face, while using the spray. Thin layers at a time to permit the liquid to dry in between programs for results. Keep the spray bend seal. As soon as you’re finished using the spray invert the can that the nozzle is clear, to have a burst.

When using the Gallon Flex Seal as they do to the spray for example maintaining stored in rooms over 60, the rules apply and to not utilize on heat surfaces exceeding 350 and to apply layers to allow for greater outcomes. You may apply this liquid using a roller, brush or dip.

My Thoughts on Flex Seal:

Flex Seal is an incredible product for repairing leaks, cracks, and filling in holes and works. It will last to seal in moisture. This liquid which dries to a rubber can’t be fought against by leaking gutters. There are many ways to enjoy the product where others have failed like pool liners, fish ponds, and auto recovery. Basements and foundations together with the list.

Are you can not use it and that you can not use it to fix tires due to the pressure. The other issue is that the smell that is terrible, but when something will save you thousands of dollars is alright in our book but do make sure to use the Flex Seal in a ventilated place. We detest products located on infomercials offering you the stars and the moon, but this time maaaaybe there’s some promise. We hope we helped you decide on if there is something you want us to add to the Flex Seal Review about your experience drop us a line and whether the Flex Seal(flexreviews.org) is appropriate for your household jobs.